BBG Committees

Each BBG member is encouraged to become active in at least one BBG Committee of their choice. Our committees help to move the BBG forward and achieve the best possible outcomes for our member businesses and their employees. We would love to have you participate!  Please join today and contact Diane Burr.

In addition to our BBG Leadership team, these 2014 BBG Committees are instrumental in helping the BBG remain successful and valuable to our members:

BBG Cookbook Committee

FOCUS: This BBG committee has completed our second cookbook, “Taste of the Bay” to follow our highly successful first cookbook, “Taste of the Beaches.” Our new Cookbook Committee members include: Linda Woods (CalvArt Gallery), Karen Croll (Virtually Yours), Cindy Bliss (Mary Kay Cosmetics), Hilary Dailey (Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum), Brian McDaniel (Cros Entertainment), Michael Freeburger (Early Bird Home Services), Clif Bridegum (Your Digital Salesman), Lyn Striegel (Attorney, Striegel & Buchheister), Diane Burr (Chesapeake Current). Get your BBG Cookbook and BBG Merchandise today!

Networking & Special Events Committee

FOCUS: Organizes BBG special events, networking opportunities, and the Christmas Parade, to name a few. Kim Breedlove (Breedlove Events), Cindy Bliss (Mary Kay), Karen Croll (Virtually With You), Connie O’Dell (Town of Chesapeake Beach & R.L O’Dell, Inc.), Sid Curl (Twin Beach Players), Diane Burr (Chesapeake Current). BBG Meetings & Events Calendar.


Membership Committee

FOCUS: Responsible for recruitment, retention, and member benefits. Research and implement member perks and benefits.  Eric Eitel (Raley, Watts & O’Neill), Matt Owens (State Farm Insurance), Celia Molofsky (The Wheel Clothing Store), Marilyn Van Wagner (Chesapeake Beach Water Park), Lyn Striegel (Striegel & Buchheister), Diane Burr (Chesapeake Current). BBG Member Directory.


FOCUS: BBG U (University) members are responsible for organizing monthly educational events for BBG members, on topics of specific interest to all small business owners or operators. Members are: Cindy Bliss (Mary Kay), Karen Croll (Virtually With You), Brian McDaniel (Crow Entertainment), Ruth Lake (Adult Day Care of Calvert County), Karen Croll (Virtually Yours), Diane Burr (Chesapeake Current).